Sarah McLachlan

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There aren't many rules around the list.
But the few that we do have, do need to be followed:

  • There is to be NO HTML style mail sent to the list. This includes that nifty new stationery that Hotmail has.

  • There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO binaries, (pictures, etc.) sent to the list. If you have something that you want list members to see, send it to them via email, or put it up on a webpage and then send the URL to the list.

  • If you have an ISP that has a mail quota on your mailbox (AOL, Juno, etc.) and you are going to be away from your email access for any extended length of time, please unsubscribe from the list, then resubscribe when you're back. If you allow your mailbox to fill up, all of your list mail bounces back to the List Administrator (Jen) and then they have to deal with it. (They also have to answer to Smoe and it ain't a pretty site!) ;)

  • Basically, this is an open discussion list that's based on the music of Sarah McLachlan & Lilith Fair. Everyone's encouraged to post, but please remember to use common sense when posting. There are some posts that are better suited for private emails than for the general list. A good rule of thumb to judge by is if your quoted material is actually longer than your post. (This is just helpful to digest subscribers who have to download all of their email.)

  • It's also helpful to label your posts according to subject matter. This helps the other members know, at a quick glance, whether your post contains Sarah-related material, other artist-related material or just general topics. As of now, there is no FAQ sheet available for this, but there will be soon. If you have any questions on how you should label your posts, please contact the List Administrator or any of the other list members.

  • NO FLAME WARS! All we ask is that you respect your fellow list members. Not everyone will agree with everything you have to say. And you may not agree with everything that someone else says. But, that's the beauty of free-thinking. We're all allowed our own opinions. Let's respect one another's.

I don't anticipate any kind of problems on the list, but if anything does arise, feel free to email me at
In fact, if you have any questions or comments whatsoever, feel free to contact me!