Sarah McLachlan The following is a list of links that are either "Fumbler" related or that might be useful if you want to learn more about Sarah McLachlan, the FTE mailing list, Lilith Fair, etc. If you're a Fumbler and would like your page added to this site, please send an email to and we'll make sure your page gets added.

FTE/Fumbler Related Sites

The Official FTE Home Page - Home of the FTE Mailing List

The Fumbler FAQ - A comprehensive FAQ (designed and maintained by Will) regarding FTE, Fumblers, Sarah & Lilith Fair. If you can't find the answer to your question here, you ain't gonna find it at all.

The Fumbler Registry - A comprehensive listing of Fumblers

All about FumbleCodes - Learn what FumbleCode is

Create your own FumbleCode - Learn how to make your own FumbleCode

The Fumbler Book Club - Love to read? Have a craving to read a good book and discuss it with other people who share your passion for books? Well then, the Fumbler Book Club is for you!

Regional Sites

Toronto Fumblers - Webpage for Fumblers who attended the 1999 Toronto Fumble Rumble

New England Fumblers - A webpage for Fumblers in the New England area

SouthSide Fumblers - A webpage for Fumblers in the Southern US

California Fumblers - For Fumblers that reside in California.

Sites created by Fumblers for Fumblers

The Sea of Waking Dreams -One of the most informative Sarah McLachlan sites there is

Fumbler Dreams - Fumblers have weird dreams. Here's some of their weirdest

Heaven To No One Else - An online Fumbler/Sarah McLachlan magazine - Another great online Fumbler/Sarah McLachlan magazine

The Fumbler 500 - 500+ different ways to tell if you're a true Fumbler

The Sarah McLachlan Surfacing Shrine -An informative & beautifully designed Sarah site

Official Sarah McLachlan Site
Official Lilith Fair Site