Okay, so you're still not sure what a Fumbler is?
Want to learn more about Fumblers before you delve into our world?
The glossary below should help you define what a Midwest Fumbler is.

Fumbler Glossary

FTE n. An Internet mailing list for Sarah McLachlan that was named after her third CD, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy." There are over 400 members on FTE, all of whom hail from all over the world.
Fumbler n.
A person who belongs to FTE.
Midwest n.
Middle or central geographical part of the United States that is west of the Mississippi River.
Midwest Fumbler n.
A person that resides in the Midwest and belongs to FTE.
Fumble Rumble n.
A planned "get together" of Fumblers that usually coincides with a Sarah concert or Lilith fair.
Glowstick n.
A cylinder-shaped tube used at a Sarah concert or Lilith fair, that is filled with an iridescent liquid and waved around only during the chorus of Sarah's song, "Witness." Legend has it that Sarah knows who the "Fumblers" are and the glowsticks are our way of showing our presence.

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